We Buy Silver

Silverchem requires several tonnes per month of silver for its operations.

The organisation has the capacity to recover and refine silver from a wide range of

feedstocks including but not limited to,

  • metallurgical residues
  • effluents
  • telecommunications, electronic and other industrial scrap
  • jewellery

Please contact us with details of any silver containing material that may be available for purchase by ourselves.

Please note that all material will be subject to Chain of Custody audit.

Our commitment to honesty and integrity has resulted in a company that is held in high regard with not only our Clients and Business Partners but our Competitors, Government and the Precious Metals Industry in general.

It is our Policy to only purchase precious metals from legitimate and ethical sources and that the purchases of such precious metals have not been associated with corruption,crime, armed conflict, misrepresentation of tax and royalty payments or human rights abuse.

We will continue to operate our company with honesty and the highest of moral standards.

To send us information on your silver please fill in the Contact Us Form below;

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